How to Clean a Carpet When You're Moving House

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Moving to a new home is exciting, but there's always a little bit of work to do before the big day arrives. Whether you're a tenant or you own your property, it's a good idea to give your carpet a thorough cleaning. Understanding where you need to clean and how to complete the job properly will ensure you do it right the first time.

Look for Stains

Ideally, you'll tackle stains as you go along so that you don't face any hidden surprises when you move house. But if the stains occur where there's furniture or at the junction between your rug and the rest of your carpet, you might find that they're deep-set.

One way to clean deep-set carpet stains is to use a mixture of vinegar and water. Or, you can create a paste using mild dishwashing soap and baking soda, let it dry onto the stain and then remove it. If neither of those approaches work, you may need to call a professional carpet cleaning service instead.

Dig Into Corners

Corners and the borders of each room can gather dust and become problematic. Unfortunately, as that dust settles into your carpet over time, it can create a stain that's challenging for you to remove.

Try using a handheld vacuum cleaner to remove all dust from the area. From there, you can use a cleaning spray to try and lighten the stains and lift them.

Remove Deep Dirt

If you regularly vacuum your carpet, you're already doing a lot towards keeping it clean. However, even the best vacuum cleaners won't remove deep levels of dirt. Some dirt will sink into your carpet's fibres. Although you won't be able to see it, it could dull your carpet.

Using a carpet cleaning machine or service is the best way to remove deep dirt. As you go along, you'll be able to see how much dirt is in your carpet. After it finishes drying, you should see that it's noticeably brighter. 

Scent Your Carpet

After making sure your carpet is pristine and clean, finish it off by adding a little scent. There are plenty of scenting powders that you can sprinkle and hoover to achieve subtle results. Alternatively, you can mix a few drops of an essential oil with some baking powder and sprinkle that.

Once you clean and scent your carpet thoroughly, you can move out of your house safe in the knowledge that it's looking its best.

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