Maintaining Toilet Etiquette at Your Workplace

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When you want to maintain a harmonious office environment, toilet etiquette can go a long way. Many of your workers will visit the bathroom at least once or twice a day. Like anyone else, they want a clean experience that leaves them feeling hygienic. Achieving that experience is much easier when you practice excellent toilet etiquette.

Keep Refilling 

From soap to hand sanitiser, each hygiene-promoting fluid goes a long way to keeping your employees happy. But if you fail to refill your dispensers, they might soon start to grumble.

Make sure you schedule time to refill your dispensers and designate someone to carry out the job. It's a quick task, and it helps your workforce maintain correct hand hygiene.

Flush Appropriately

Much like when you use a toilet at home, you shouldn't flush anything unsuitable. This includes makeup wipes, sanitary towels and hand tissue. 

To make life easier for your employees, make sure you provide appropriate bins. Include general bins for items such as makeup wipes and a sanitary towel bin for your female toilets. To maintain high hygiene standards, empty the bins daily.

Perform Checks

When your offices are open to the public, you have a duty to provide them with a clean toileting experience too. One way to achieve this is to create a check schedule and attach it to the toilet door.

Designate someone to perform checks on an hourly basis. Or, create a rotation for people to fulfil the task. Let them know where all the replacement items are, such as toilet paper and soap. If they notice that a toilet is particularly unclean, they can call the building's cleaning team to address the problem.

Mirror Usage

Although it's normal to want to touch up makeup from time-to-time, mirror hogging is a poor habit that might annoy some people. Encourage your employees to avoid going through their full beauty routine in the office toilets. In addition to hogging essential sink space, it's likely to create a mess that makes them look unhygienic.

If you're struggling to maintain a clean toilet environment, try using an office cleaning service. When a team of professionals is doing the work for you, they'll do the job well. You can ask them to come in at the beginning or end of each working day so that the toilets are fresh and usable for when everyone's day begins. 

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