Two Ways Professional Carpet Cleaning Works As A Protective Measure

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If you have been thinking that the only reason why you would invest in carpet cleaning is exclusively for stain elimination, then you have likely not invested in these services for the duration of your ownership of the carpets. Some homeowners tend to assume that professional carpet cleaning is a waste of money as long as they can keep this type of flooring looking presentable with occasional vacuuming, but this is incorrect.

What you and other homeowners are not taking into account is the absorbent nature of carpets. The longer your carpet goes without professional deep cleaning, the higher the likelihood that it is harbouring pollutants that will affect your health and the health of your loved ones. Before you put off professional carpet cleaning for another month or worse yet, a year, here are just two ways that it functions as a protective measure.

Professional carpet cleaning mitigates the presence of bacteria

Bacteria thrive virtually everywhere. Thus, if you are not sanitizing all the surfaces of your home with each cleaning, it is highly likely that bacteria are thriving in your carpet. The thing to note about exposure to bacteria is that the effects can go unnoticed for a long time. As a result, the longer your carpet goes without professional cleaning, the more toxins will be emitted into the air, which can cause the gradual decline of your loved ones', as well as your own, health. The elderly and young children have a higher susceptibility to complications from this exposure since their immune systems are not as strong as teens' and adults'.

You could find that you are constantly taking your child or your parent to the hospital due to chronic illnesses if you don't get your carpets cleaned regularly. Moreover, some bacterial strains aggravate respiratory conditions such as asthma, so those affected in the home will be continually unwell. Professional carpet cleaning eliminates the bacteria and subsequently mitigates exposure to these pathogens.

Professional carpet cleaning limits ammonia inhalation

All homeowners that live with house pets, particularly dogs and cats, should schedule professional carpet cleaning every few months. The reasoning behind this is that homeowners with pets are at the constant threat of inhaling ammonia from their pets' urine. This ammonia is especially more pungent with cat urine.

Therefore, if you have recently taken in a kitten or a stray, then you need professional carpet clean regularly if these felines are not house trained. The problem with ammonia is not merely its acrid smell. The ammonia directly poses a threat to the health of all the residents, as it aggravates some pre-existing conditions. For instance, if you or any of your loved ones have emphysema, constantly inhaling ammonia will exacerbate the symptoms.

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