The Three Bits Of Information You Should Have Handy Before Booking Your Office Cleaning

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Office cleaning is a necessary expenditure for most businesses, and it is a great way to keep your environment productive and stimulating. If you have recently moved offices or are looking to change up your office cleaning provider, then there are a few pieces of information you need before you begin signing contracts. It is important to have this information ready to go because practically every office cleaning agency will ask you these, and you don't want to waste time having to search for it while on the phone.

Office Size

Knowing the size of your office floor space is perhaps the most critical piece of information you need when trying to get quotes from different office cleaning companies. You should only include the space of the office that you want regularly cleaned, so if there is a part of your office you want to be left alone, then you need to factor that subtraction into your calculations. Larger offices require more equipment, cleaners and set-up, so it is only natural that they need some understanding of the space before they step foot into it. 

Type Of Office Space

Not all offices are created equal, and similarly, not all are designed the same way. Come up with a shorthand way of describing your office to a cleaning agency so that they can get an accurate picture with just a few bits of information. Some common questions that your description should answer:

  • Are there a lot of rooms?
  • How many different types of flooring are there?
  • How many bathrooms are there?
  • Are there any food preparation places? 
  • Are there any features that require special attention (artistic pieces, strange materials, industry-specific machines, etc.)?

That should give prospective business partners a good place from which to formulate a quote for you, but be prepared to answer questions. Knowing your business is very important when looking to subcontract out cleaning. 


Not every office cleaning company will be able to clean exactly when you want them to, so be prepared to question at least a couple before you find one that has space for you. Having a regularly planned office cleaning service will also help you keep costs down, as many companies are happy to offer reduced rates in exchange for consistent work. Normally, office cleaning agencies suggest a weekly clean and can do it anytime you want, pending their employee availability, of course. If you keep unusual office hours, then you should mention this before finalising anything just to be sure. 

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