What to Do When Your Dog Tinkles on Your Favourite Rug

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Man's best friend cannot lay claim to that moniker forever, and they may certainly be sitting on the naughty step if they have relieved themselves on your prized rug. While you may scold them immediately and try to make sure that they do not repeat the action, you need to act quickly to try and avoid any long-term damage. What steps can you take as soon as possible to make sure that you can salvage your stained rug?

Bad Scenario

Obviously, pet urine is an unwanted byproduct and carries all manner of bad ingredients. There will be a lot of ammonia, which not only smells bad but is caustic and has a tremendous amount of bacteria to boot. Unfortunately, some of the bacteria present in dog urine are potentially dangerous, especially to younger children. It can cause a bacterial infection similar to flu and sometimes has added complications. In every case, the dog pee will not mix well with your carpet or a rug, so you need to jump into action right away and before the stain has any time to set.

Careful but Copious

Hopefully, you have a large paper towel roll in your kitchen. If so, tear off a copious amount and start to blot up the liquid. Try to do this gingerly so that you are gathering the liquid and not pushing it further into the fabric. You can use a small amount of dish soap to help you and don't be afraid to use as much of the towel roll as needed.

Additional Steps

You may be able to use some baking soda if you feel that the stain has penetrated the fibres. Pour some of the soda in place and let it sit there for several hours. You can add some vinegar at a later stage to try and tease the remnants out of the fibre but will then need to dab everything up gently with paper towels or a cloth.

Professional Cleaning

If you do a half-decent job, you may be able to remove much of the liquid and avoid a catastrophe. However, you will still need to clean your rug very carefully and especially if you want to get rid of the lingering smell. In this case, it's best to call in a professional carpet cleaning company. They will have the technology and the expertise and will know how to approach the issue from a professional perspective. Once they have finished and returned everything to normal, you need to focus on house training, so that you can get back on better terms with your dog.

For more information on pet urine rug treatment, reach out to a local cleaning company.

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