Can You Get Rid of a Mould Infestation Yourself?

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Mould can accumulate in dark corners, cupboards and in other areas where air does not circulate very well. If you have high levels of humidity and poor ventilation, mould can thrive and especially at certain times of the year. 

If you have a mould infestation, you need to take action as soon as possible. The issue is not just unsightly, it can be unhealthy as well, and if you have some vulnerable members in your family, can exacerbate an existing problem. Yet eradication is not simple and you may need to bring in a specialist, depending on the type of mould in question. What should you do if you've recently discovered this unwelcome guest?

1. Keep it at Arm's Length

Firstly, try to identify the type of mould in question. Certainly, there are different strains, but you will want to be especially careful if you have to deal with black mould. This can be particularly toxic, and you need to take great care so that you do not disturb the harmful spores. If you do, they can be easily released into the air and can certainly cause breathing difficulties, headaches, inflammation and other issues. If you have black mould anywhere in your home, call a cleaning specialist, and they will know what to do.

2. Preparation

If you have a different strain of mould and infestation is not too severe, then you may be able to deal with this yourself. You will want to move furniture away from the area before you begin your work, and try to cover carpets or other fabrics that are nearby. You should wear a face covering, gloves and eye protection and work slowly so that you do not disturb the spores.

3. Cleaning Approach

Try using a solution that is several parts water to one part of bleach and gently wipe the area until the surface mould has gone. Once you have eliminated the visual evidence, throwaway the cleaning materials that you have used and wash any clothing that may have come into contact with the mould. This may not get rid of the mould entirely but you can prevent the mould from spreading further. 

4. Hire Expert Help

Be aware that mould can sometimes penetrate porous surfaces and while you might not see any evidence now, could resurface soon. Again, you will need to bring in a mould removal service to address the issue and ensure that you do not run into longer-term problems.

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