Why Should You Ask Your Cleaning Contractors About Garden Maintenance?

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Any business owner or manager who has premises with an outdoor space will need these areas to be maintained. Plenty of office blocks and even small units on industrial estates will have a patch of grass, a flower bed or two and even a few shade-making trees, in some cases. Although it is often tempting to deal with the maintenance of such gardens need in-house, this can be a false economy. Indeed, your current cleaning contractor may well provide commercial lawn services and other garden maintenance help at a lower cost than professional gardeners. Not all cleaners double-up in this way, but many do in the larger towns and cities across the country. Why is it a good idea to have them help out?

Greater Convenience

Firstly, commercial lawn services can be carried out by a specialist in greenkeeping, but this is only really beneficial if you have a big, park-sized space to maintain. For most businesses, watering the lawn and feeding it from time to time will be adequate for keeping it looking lush when visitors arrive. Therefore, asking your cleaning firm to take care of commercial lawn services and other jobs in your garden makes sense since their operatives will already be present at your premises. Most cleaning contractors will take this work on for a relatively modest additional monthly fee, so it is the most convenient and cost-effective way of proceeding.

All Jobs Taken Care Of

Although commercial lawn services, such as trimming the grass, need to be undertaken regularly, there are some less frequent jobs you may need, too. Again, most good cleaning contractors will have the manpower to deal with these one-off assignments. For example, you lawns may be looking good but what about trimming shrubs back so that they no longer grow over pathways? You can always get your current contractors to deal with this sort of cutting back and vegetation removal for you. This should be the case even if you only need such services once every few years to keep your business premises looking tidy.

Expertise in Maintenance

Although you might think that a cleaning firm will have no prior experience in garden maintenance, this is not usually the case. Not only can you expect a top-quality job done on your lawns and borders, but many cleaning contractors will also have some local knowledge of what is likely to grow well in the soil conditions you have. As such, you can even get them to improve the look of your premises, not simply to maintain them at their current standard.

Reach out to a local commercial lawn service for more information.

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