Leather Upholstery Cleaning Mistakes You Can Avoid By Hiring Professionals

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Mistakes in leather upholstery cleaning can leave irreversible damage to these valuable assets. They also reduce their life span and resale value. When the time comes to clean your leather upholstery, it's best to leave it to the expert. Here are common mistakes you can avoid by hiring professional cleaning services.

Ignoring the Manufacturer's Instructions and Warning 

Many homeowners lose their leather upholstery user's manual with the notion that it's of no use. Failure to follow the manufacturer's manual is the number one reason why many people spoil their leather upholstery. 

Hiring professional cleaning services saves you on the day you've misplaced your manual. That's because these experts are well-versed with the type of chemicals and procedures needed to remove stains and clean your upholstery thoroughly.

Cleaning the Sofa with Household Cleaning Agents 

Some people might want to give their upholstery a special finish, renew the leather, or change its original colour by using furniture polish or other paint products. The result is damaging to the upholstery since it absorbs the colours and stains it irregularly, leaving unattractive spots. 

Others might also want to try house cleaning agents because they are cheaper than leather cleaning products. While these products save you some money, they may scorch or scour the leather. This might require hundreds if not thousands of dollars to fix. Professional cleaning services use recommended products to avoid such damages.

Using Water to Clean Stains

Water absorbs into leather, taking the stain deeper into the material. While it is all right to use a damp cloth to wipe off dust, avoid using a lot of water to clean stains. If the water entering the upholstery does not dry up, you will have an additional rotting leather problem. That will cause the degradation of the leather faster than it should.

Not Testing Cleaning Products before Application 

When you purchase a leather upholstery cleaning product, first test it on one area before applying it to the rest of the areas. Even professional cleaning services do so because they know it will limit the damage if the product is substandard.

Letting Spills and Dust Stay On for Long

Leather is porous and, slowly but surely, will absorb any liquids and stains left on its surface. That means it will not be as quick to remove the stains as it would if you quickly wiped off the spillage. This applies to water spills as well. Moreover, allowing dust to sit on the leather for a long time leads to cracks on the material. 

Using Heat to Dry Leather

Some people resort to using heaters to dry up their leather upholstery after cleaning. Heat forces a quick-drying and causes cracks. It is advisable to use the ceiling fan to quicken the drying process instead of space heaters and hair dryers.

If you want to avoid these common mistakes, contact leather upholstery cleaning services. 

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