Two tips to follow if you're going to use a cleaning company's deep-cleaning service

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Here are some tips to follow if you'll be using a cleaning company's deep-cleaning service.

Prepare for this deep-cleaning session

The cleaning company will not make you do any preparatory work before the appointment. However, it would still be sensible to do a few things to ensure the deep-clean goes as smoothly as it can. For example, if you have a fridge-freezer with a short plug cord, and you want the floor underneath it and the wall behind it deep-cleaned, you should pull it out, plug it into an extension cord and then plug that cord into a convenient socket. This will ensure that the cleaners can access the unclean areas behind and under this appliance, without having to keep it plugged out whilst they're doing this (which might result in the food inside it spoiling).

Similarly, you should avoid using your hob or oven shortly before the deep clean is due to begin; this will ensure that the cooker is both empty and cool enough for the cleaners to touch and start cleaning when they arrive. Additionally, if you've been using under-bed storage boxes, you might want to pull them out and keep them on top of your beds so the cleaners can vacuum and wash the floor underneath them.

Point out hard-to-spot dirty areas in your home to the cleaners

Whilst the cleaning company will probably have you send them a list of specific tasks you'd like their cleaners to do when they deep clean your property, it may still be necessary to show these professionals some of the hard-to-see dirty areas in your home after they arrive. Doing this will ensure that every single spot of the property gets cleaned. It's especially important to do this if you won't be in the house for the deep-clean, as this means the cleaners won't be able to quickly ask you where a feature is if they cannot find it or work out how to access it.

For example, if your home has an under-stairs cupboard whose door blends in with the surrounding wall panels, you may need to open this for the cleaners to show them the shelves inside that you'd like them to dust. Likewise, if there is a hidden wall bed in one of your bedrooms whose mattress you want the cleaners to vacuum and sanitise, you should show them where it is and how to pull it down.

Contact a local cleaning company to get more tips.

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