When To Call a High-Pressure Cleaning Service

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Everyone tries to keep a clean house, but there are times when ordinary cleaning methods won't work and it becomes necessary to call in a high-pressure cleaning service. They will combine the right cleaning materials with high-pressure hot water to remove the problem. Here are some times when it is worth considering such a service.

Oil stains

Garages and driveways are prone to becoming stained with oil and grease. This is very difficult to remove with household cleaners. These floors and surfaces are usually made from concrete or stone, which can be very porous and draw the oil down, making it difficult to remove the stain. Your cleaning service will soak the surface with a detergent solution to break down the oil, then use high-pressure water to clean it away. This will remove the stain without any damage to the surface.

Exterior house washes

Your house is your defence against the elements. It will quickly attract dirt, soil, cobwebs, soot, dust and other debris, which will give it a run-down appearance. This can be a particular problem if you are thinking of selling your property because it will give a poor first impression. A high-pressure cleaning service will be able to wash your house's exterior, no matter how many storeys you have, and restore it to its original appearance.


Paving is another area that can quickly become soiled and run down. As well as grime and dirt, they will also attract moss, lichen and weeds, giving the impression of a property that isn't being maintained. Unfortunately, it is very easy to damage pavers if you are inexperienced and use the wrong technique or equipment. Your high-pressure cleaning service will use the right chemicals and high-end equipment to clean your pavers thoroughly, removing any growth and stains that have accumulated.

Roof cleaning

Moss on roofs can be a real hazard. It absorbs water, which can lead to damp conditions. It can also take root in your roof, causing it to deteriorate, and can cause leaks and other problems and can leave an unpleasant green stain. High-pressure cleaning can remove moss without harming your roof, which will not only improve its appearance but will also keep your house waterproof and in good repair.

The best way to ensure a safe and effective high-pressure clean is to hire a professional service, who will have the specialist equipment and experience to clean your house thoroughly without causing any damage.

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