Essential Dos and Don'ts for Keeping Your Office Clean

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Each week, you and your employees spend dozens of hours in your working environment. Because of this, making sure your office remains clean is important. A clean office is likely to spur employees into being productive. It also contributes to keeping workplace sickness at a minimum. Here are some dos and don'ts for ensuring your office remains clean.

Do Use a Shredder

Leaving the odd piece of paper to go stray here and there may seem harmless. But before long, those pieces of paper pile up and cause organisational chaos. From a cleanliness perspective, they give somewhere for pests to hide and can even become a fire hazard. To prevent piles of paper from becoming an issue, make sure you give your employees access to a shredder.

Don't Promote Desk Eating

Employees may see eating at their desks as a convenient way to stay nourished while getting more work done. However, they're likely to spill crumbs and attract pests. They may also inadvertently spread germs to the desk surface, making it unsafe for the next employee who comes along. Rather than eating at their desk, employees need a dedicated break area you can send them to. Make sure your cleaner tackles the break area on a daily basis. 

Do Clean Electronics

It's easy to develop an aversion to cleaning electronics. After all, with water exposure, a lot of them may malfunction. However, water and liquids aren't your only solutions when it comes to cleaning electronics. Instead, you can use specialist wipes or ask your cleaning team to do so. Providing they use the right tools, they can keep your electronics clean without compromising their functionality. Doing so is essential, as your employees likely contaminate electronics throughout the day by touching them.

Don't Ignore Rubbish Overflow

If you have a spare room or two in your building it's easy to ignore any rubbish overflow by using them to store bags until your next collection takes place. However, this is a recipe for disaster that could result in pests infiltrating the building. Instead, assess your rubbish collection intervals and request that your service provider visit you more often.

Do Give Restroom Instructions

It isn't unusual for employees to misuse restrooms. For example, they may flush an item down the toilet that doesn't belong there. If this happens regularly at your workplace, you can print off and laminate friendly reminders to add to the toilet wall. As a result, you may be able to prevent some blockages and maintain better hygiene. 

For more information on commercial cleaning, contact a professional near you.

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